Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant


3 1/2' tall Rubber Plant (Ficus decora), 12" pot

The mighty rubber tree has been a favorite houseplant since the Victorian era. It's hardy, easy to care for, and actually removes toxins from the air in your home!

Rubber plants do not require much light, but flourish in bright, indirect light. Many people put their rubber trees near a window where the light is filtered through a pair of sheer curtains. If the plant gets less light while leaves are growing, the leaves will actually be larger! Fun fact. 

While your rubber tree is in its growing season, you keep the soil moist. Water it deep. During the dormant season, keep the soil drier...but not too dry. It is possible to underwater it.

Be sure to clean the leaves of your ficus elastica so it can breathe easier, but don't use any kind of leaf shine on it. Be sure to mist them as well for pest prevention.

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